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Egg Yolk Separator Kitchen Tool

Welcome to the home of the glorious EZ Yolk!  This cute little kitchen device will allow you to separate egg yolks from egg whites in a matter of seconds, and with virtually mess-free efficiency.  The EZ Yolk will separate a cracked egg neatly and effortlessly, and the EZ Yolk only requires the use of one hand to work its magic.

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Watch the EZ Yolk in action!  Whether from eggs freshly broken into a mixing bowl, or cracked directly into your frying pan, the EZ Yolk will separate the yolks from the whites in seconds.

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EZ Yolks are constructed of FDA compliant, food grade silicone, and come in a rainbow of colors.  They are barely the size of a tennis ball and can be very easily carried or stored. Cheerful and fun to use, they make wonderful gifts.  Order yours today!

EZ Yolk egg separator home1If you are a retailer and are interested in distributing the EZ Yolk, please contact us at info@ezyolk.com.  We have a number of display options available.

EZ Yolk egg separator home2Are you a church group looking to pay for summer camp or a school looking to raise money?   The EZ Yolk is a unique, easy, and fun way to fundraise.  Please contact us at info@ezyolk.com and we will work with you to make your fundraising a success.
EZ Yolk egg separator home3Give something attractive, useful, and different!  We can have your logo printed on the EZ Yolk.  Use them to distribute to customers and clients, and get your company’s name out there at the same time.   The EZ Yolk’s bright and fun design will be a guaranteed hit, and the EZ Yolk will definitely be something they’ve never seen or received before.

EZ Yolk – Egg Yolk Separator Benefits

            • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
            • Made with Food Grade Silicone
            • Heat Resistant up to 240º F
            • Top Shelf Dishwasher Safe
            • 2 Piece Product For Easy Cleaning
            • Fast and efficient
            • Retains 3-5 yolks